Investigative Knights specializes in locating missing persons. Whether it’s a lost family member, a dead beat debtor or you need to find someone who skipped out of their obligations, we can find them. We understand the technical aspects of how to find people. However, the more you know about the person, the easier the job is. This is why we encourage clients to learn as much as possible about the parties involved in a legal matter. It is important to get dates of birth, addresses and names of friends or relatives, etc whenever possible.

So how do we locate people? We have access to hundreds of databases nationwide with millions of names and addresses. These include driver records, consumer profiles, social security data, post office forwarding data, mailing lists, magazine subscriptions, voter records, utility records, reverse telephone directories, real property records, and a host of other public and proprietary databases. Skip Tracing requires a cross reference of data to zero in and target the exact location of a missing person.

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Skip Tracing Services are used to locate or serve:

  • Debtor
  • Child Support Remuneration
  • Legal Documents
  • Witnesses
  • Past Clients
  • Old Friends
  • And More

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