Investigative Knights specializes in difficult service of process. Court related service of process can be challenging at times. In many cases, the person can’t be located or they are intentionality evading service. That’s when you need an experienced private investigator to track down the person and get the legal papers served.

If you have a high stakes case in which you anticipate that the person may be uncooperative, it’s better to hire a private investigator to plan in advance rather than first sending out an inexperienced process server to knock on the door and tip off the person that they are trying to be served. Standard process servers get paid only for successful serves therefore they concentrate on volume and have no incentive to focus on the difficult cases.

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when you are trying to get legal documents served including:

• A bad address or the person has moved
• No one ever answers the door
• Uncooperative and evasive person who may have family members or roommates answer the door and say they are not home or don’t live there anymore
• Condominium complexes or apartment buildings that have secured entrances
• Homes with garages where the subject can enter the house undetected
• Gated communities with access only to residents
• Only a work address for the subject where they can hide behind uncooperative staff
• Persons that move a lot and can’t be located


The private investigators at Investigative Knights have years of experience of tracking down and serving evasive persons. We know all the tricks and have the tools and experience to solve challenging process service. Our techniques include:

• Field locate to determine if the address is good
• Talking to neighbors and apartment managers without alerting anyone as to the purpose
• Identifying vehicles driven by the person(s) to serve them as they come and go from home or work
• Stakeouts on evasive subjects at home or work

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